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The best place to store, access and share your entire digital life.

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Secure your wallet keys and mnemonics phrases.

All the information that matters, securely stored inside your Time Capsule. The files you need to keep safe at all costs become invulnerable as soon as you store them inside a Time Capsule.

All your photos and videos. Always safe and available.

A lifetime of photos and videos inside your Time Capsule. With Time Capsule, you can store, access and share all your photos and videos, without having to worry about storage limitation, securely and confidentially.

Control what you share, how and with whom.

The power is in your hands. No one else’s. Pick one of our transmission options to share your digital life the way it works for you, without running the risk of data breach, with whomever you want and whenever you want.

Capsule transmission

At date

On the date of a birthday, a party or a specific moment, send your capsule at the chosen time. Schedule the sending of your capsule to be sure that it will be received on the chosen date.


30, 60, 90 days… Choose a time limit after which the capsule will be sent automatically. Each time the capsule is opened, the countdown is restarted.


A unique way to ensure that your digital assets are passed on after your death. Create your time capsule and take it on a journey through the ages.

Time Capsule Key Benefits

Fully Secure
Fully Secure

Because the Time Capsule is stored on the blockchain, it leverages all the unique benefits that blockchain technology offers, like complex data encryption, user anonymity, and the virtual impossibility of being hacked.

High Volume Storage
High Volume Storage

Time Capsule provides you with enough space to store all those multimedia, photo, and document files that make up your entire digital life.

All Files and Extensions
All Files and Extensions

Your Time Capsule can store all types of files and extensions, making the storing and sharing possibilities truly endless.

Ready To Store and Send Your Digital Life Through Time?

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